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Ice Transfer

by Toni

Dora is ready for school. Not technically, she won’t even turn four until this summer; but she is ready and it occurred to me that perhaps I’d better get ready too.  So last weekend I put together a set of workboxes for her and printed and cut and laminated to make some stuff to fill them.  Nothing too intense, obviously.  I mostly used the Letter of the Week curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler, in case you’re interested.  But I also pulled from this gem of a website. (I love, love all the free ideas they share in the DIY section.)  This is the one we did and will definitely be repeating.  Super simple and occupied Z for almost 20 minutes.  Dora only stayed until Z touched her arm with a wet spoon at which point she was overcome with emotion and had to flee the scene.  On second thought, maybe she’s not ready. Winking smile

Aaanyway, put some ice in a bowl and add water.


Get some utensils.  We chose slotted spoons, regular spoons & tongs. Get another bowl.  Invite the kiddos to move the ice from one container to the other.



These pics above were before the arm touching incident (and before I got the settings on my camera figured out).  The ones below came after.


The slotted scoop … by far the favorite.


Two hands.

Teach ‘em to multi-task young, that’s what I always say.  Actually, I’ve never said it but it was pretty cute to watch.


Almost got it …..

Love that look of concentration. 


Yes! …..




Whew, that was way too intense.  I’m going back to the scoop.

Once he got one bowl emptied of ice, he’d pour the water into the other and start all over again.  Things really got interesting when the ice got so small it kept slipping through the slots in his spoon and then too small to pick up even with the tongs. 

All in all a successful and clean experiment.  I stress the clean here because in case you didn’t notice that is a very wet and dirty Pablo lying on the cement in the background.  Clearly collateral damage from some other toddler boy adventure.

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One Response to “Ice Transfer”

  1. Leslie says:

    Just tried this with my girls. They loved it! Thanks for the idea!

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