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Dealing with Gift Overload

by Toni

With three sets of grandparents and other generous friends and relatives our home tends toward excess around Christmas.  “What’s a good way to deal with so many presents?” is the question they’re asking over at ParentHacks.  I’m not convinced it’s the best way (best would be $ in a savings account… but that’s not much fun, is it?) to handle gifts but we allow the standard Christmas opening(s) then that evening place each child’s gifts in a large box.  In the days following Christmas (for however long it takes) they are allowed to pick out one “gift of the day” to play with or use.  We do this for birthdays too.  It makes the celebration last a bit longer and keeps the children from getting overwhelmed.  This method also makes writing thank you’s not so adurous for little one’s since we only send a note after using the gift.

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One Response to “Dealing with Gift Overload”

  1. Aunt Teri says:

    I always enjoy your site, it makes me relax and have a laugh, or sometimes a sigh for days gone past! I hope you keep having time to share with us! Hugs to you all ~ Love ~ Aunt Teri

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